Pregnancy Forces Lindsey To Quit Cage Fighting [Sneak Peek]

As we've seen throughout every season of "16 and Pregnant," unplanned pregnancy forces teenagers to pump the breaks on their immediate goals and head in an entirely new direction. During the most recent episode of the docu-series, all Briana wanted to do was start her freshman year of college with her close-knit circle of friends, but things didn't unfold the way she'd hoped, and she wound up raising her daughter alone at home. Regardless of each individual's life ambitions, the young people featured on the show are always sorely disappointed when they have to abandon their aspirations in order to become parents.

In this sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, Lindsey explains this very dilemma to a friend. She says she has to stop cage fighting to protect the baby, even though she really wants to go pro. The very thought of telling her trainer that she's hanging up her trunks for motherhood triggers tears.

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