Jillian Rose Reed Continues The MTV Topless Trend [Photo]

Hey, Jill--uhhh, forgetting something?

The ladies of MTV are a lot of things--bold, authentic and, lately, topless. First, as our friends at MTV Style report, Lauren Conrad will grace the May cover of Glamour sans shirt (which was quite a surprise for her, too), and now, Jillian Rose Reed has been spotted hangin' around the "Awkward" set in the fractional-buff. We can only imagine what's to come from her character, Tamara...

Show director David Katzenberg recently tweeted a photo of his set's resident redhead with the caption "That awkward moment when you realize you're topless." We thought it might have been a preplanned stunt, but Molly Tarlov seemed social-media stunned when she saw the photo for herself, and could only muster up an "OMG." Hey, if Jenna Hamilton found freedom in going upper-half al fresco, then maybe her fictional best friend will have the same luck when Season 2 rolls around. Or...maybe it's just a little humid by the bleachers.

+ Surprised to see JRR nonchalantly hangin' out? Tell us what you think of her...nontraditional...on-set decorum.

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