Straight From The 'ABDC' Archives! 5 Backstage Video Favorites

Seven seasons into the series, and it's safe to say we know the "ABDC" drill: Dance your f***in' a** off and don't stop till that banner falls. But before we dig into the tear-soaked, injury-laden madness to come, why not review some of the show's finest behind-the-scenes moments? After all, from practicing a new routine way past midnight to saying a group prayer right before go time, dancers backstage are sometimes just as hyped and unnerved as they are when the blinding lights ignite.

After sorting through the ABDC Insider archives for hours, we now give you five must-see videos that chronicle just how intense, yet bonding, the competition can be.

GETTING THE LOOK: So that he'd bear the likeness of Omarion in Season 5's music video challenge, Blueprint Cru's Derek Rice sucked up a buzz cut to the amazement of his fellow dancers. THAT'S A GOOD SPORT, LADIES AND GENTS.

FINDING ALLIES: While the crews were busy sizing up their competition, the guys of Poreotix were convinced their own Can was crushing hard on Brittany of Saltare. The two went as far as to share a couple's jump rope session, but was straight out of luck as the double-dutching crew left the competition pretty early on.

TRASH TALKING: Sure, the dancers' professions involve constant body movement, but on the "ABDC" set, sometimes you've got no choice but to sit around and wait. And there's no better time-kill (or motivator, really) than some crazy banter. Hype 5-0 had some valuable stuff to say about chicken nuggets in this mock game show.

KEEPING THINGS FRESH: Master illusionist Franz Haray lent his services once or twice to the competition, and each time he did, the ante was UPPED. In the interview below, the guy comments that Beat Freaks' magic ball performance was the high point of his career! And then he proceeds to make something fly.

ALWAYS HAVING A BACKUP: Heavy Impact was just trying to get some rehearsal time in when their progress was interrupted by some amateur guitar-strumming. There were surely world dance tour spots offered after the season wrapped, but probably fewer record contracts. Look to "American Idol" for the singers, folks.

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