Nova Joins Briana On Her First Driving Lesson [Bonus Scene]

Briana was put in an awful situation during last night's "16 and Pregnant" episode after her ex-boyfriend, who initially said he would be there for her and their child, essentially disappeared when duty called. The teen mom continued to try with Devoin, inviting him to share time at the house with Nova, but on one such occasion he behaved very rudely, even sending text messages instead of paying attention to the baby. The upside to all of it, however, was Briana's truly remarkable mother, who often acted as her daughter's backbone. Bri and her mom had a wonderful relationship, and at the end of the episode, the recent high school grad spoke openly about their important bond.

In this bonus scene, Briana's mom takes a time-out from demonstrating the proper way to parent and brings her own baby girl on a driving lesson. Briana doesn't seem too confident behind the wheel, so let's hope she gets more practice before heading out on the road without a teacher.

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