'16 And Pregnant' Exclusive: Brittany Opens Up About Her Abortion [Video]

Briana and Brittany found out they were pregnant within one month of each other, but when it came time to figure out their individual fates, the two sisters chose differently. Just as Briana instinctively knew she wanted to keep her baby, Brittany felt compelled to have an abortion. Their situation made for a highly complicated and emotional episode of "16 and Pregnant," and when we recently spoke to the girls separately about their irreversible decisions, both couldn't help but question whether or not they did the right thing. "Sometimes I get jealous when I see [Brittany] go out whenever she wants, come home whenever she wants, live a carefree life," Briana confesses in the first interview clip below. "It makes me wonder, if I would have had an abortion, that could have been me." But Brittany is dealing with her own demons. "I don't have anyone to talk to about the abortion at all," she comments in the second video. Surprisingly, she spoke to us rather candidly about it.

The sisters still haven't yet opened up to each other about their conflicting feelings, and while Briana says she's ready to do so, Brittany is clearly more reluctant. "My sister and my mom wouldn't get it at all, even if they lied to me...even if they think they understand, they don't," she told us.

Only time will tell if their communication barriers can be broken, but Briana sums up their opposing experiences well: "We both made sacrifices, we both made different choices, and with every choice we make, there's hardships that come with it." A harsh lesson to learn at age 16.

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