'Challenge' Vet Dunbar Merrill Gets Political, Writes Book

You wouldn't know where Dunbar stood in the political space based on episodes of the "Challenge" (to be fair, you wouldn't really know anything about the kid, other than the fact that his most recent partner, Paula, couldn't stand being paired up with him), but check out the former frat boy's Twitter and you can tell he has the state of the nation on his mind. So much so, that the "Real World: Sydney" alum just wrote a paperback entitled "Crazy Sh** Republicans Say."

Pictured on the cover is the GOP symbolic elephant hoisted up on a stool and proudly donning a dunce cap. Inside, you'll find colorful commentary supporting Dunbar's beliefs about the Conservative Party, a group which he refers to as "masterful at manipulating facts and spinning their righteously indignant lunacy." (Soooo, you're a Democrat then?)

If you're not ready to jump headfirst into the dominating ideologies of a civic-minded "Challenge" vet, you can read excerpts from his book online at Crazy Sh** Republicans Say. (D-Bar has three other blogs, most of which have been ignored, but we'd really like to see him invest some time updating "Blank and Famous, Chronicles of Sex, Drugs, & Reality Television"--that one has promise.)

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Photo by Rene Cervantes