'Fantasy Factory' Poll: Would You Rather Hear Chanel Rap About Cookies Or Puppies?

As soon as Chanel dropped the beat to her innuendo-heavy rap song during tonight's episode of "Fantasy Factory," Rob suddenly transformed into a concerned parent, worried that fans would oblige when his employee told them to, in all seriousness, eat her cookie. The feisty wordsmith claimed that she wanted to push the envelope and take on an edgier persona, but Rob begged her to just consider singing a PG version, which swapped out all sexual references with mentions of clumsy puppies.

The day of her big show, Chanel West Coast gave both originals her best effort. Dressed like a haggard version of herself in an ankle-length skirt and grandma sweater, the bombshell rapper spat lyrics about introducing her pet to a new guy. Then, she ripped off her itchy wool fabrics and revealed high-waisted booty shorts, which Ms. West Coast wiggled every time she said the word "eat," "my," or "cookie."

+ The fans reacted positively to Chanel's cookie number, but was it the better song? Take the poll and let us know if you'd rather hear her rap about that, or puppies.

[poll name="FF4_2_12" question_count="2"]

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