Dan Savage Wants To Curb 'Sex Talk' Extremes On TV

He may have a fondness for sarcastic banter, but ask Dan Savage--whose "Savage U" series premieres on MTV tomorrow at 11/10c--ANY sex-centric question and his answer will be more direct, detailed and accurate than anything Cosmo's editors could have drummed up. And if there's one thing he's hoping his show will change about the way "the talk" continues across media, it's that it will become less "schizophrenic."

"Crazy, impulsive, what I would regard as risk-taking sexual behaviors are presented as kind of normative," the veteran advice columnist tells the Associated Press. "But then whenever sex advice is given or sexual problems are discussed, the attitude is, well, any risk is too much risk...sex will kill you."

Savage says a middle ground is essential in any successful sexual dialogue, and believes the transition of his "Savage Love" radio approach--being "aware of the dangers but celebrating what's so fun and affirming and awesome about it"--will benefit TV viewers tremendously.

For all of his excitement, though, there is one thing the "It Gets Better" creator wishes was different about his production. "I wish it was an hour," he said. "I could listen to me talk all day."

We'll pass the word along, Dan.

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