Rob Wants Chanel To Stay His Little Girl Forever [Sneak Peek]

If Chanel's trying to pawn off her "cookie" in her latest rap, then Rob doesn't even want to hear the recipe. The lone "Fantasy Factory" female is trying to push her image into edgier territory, but her workplace dad would prefer that she stay his little princess forever.

Chanel struggles to convince Rob that her latest and raciest track is acceptable in modern music in this sneak peek of Episode 5, but he's just not having it. Rob says he's firmly behind Chanel's career, but that he can't support lyrics that describe her putting her cookie in someone's face, be it white chocolate, peanut butter or even some sort of experimental marzipan.

In the sneak peek of Episode 6, which will air immediately after, Dyrdek realizes he doesn't know anything about his sister's fiancé. The stuntman is determined to forge a relationship with his soon-to-be brother-in-law before the guy becomes a part of the family. How? Adult prank calls, naturally.

+ Check out both videos and make sure to catch a double helping of "Fantasy Factory" Monday night at 10/9c.

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