16 And Pregnant Briana's Desperate For Her Sister's Support [Sneak Peek]

During this week's back-to-back premiere episodes of "16 and Pregnant," we met Katie and Mackenzie, two teens who, even though they were completely caught off guard when they discovered they were pregnant, clearly had the support of their friends and family. Katie's boyfriend, Josh, was excited to discuss their daughter's future, and Mackenzie's close-knit circle of cheerleader friends couldn't wait to bring her newborn to tumbling practice. But not everyone we'll meet this season will feel that strong encouragement from the people close to them.

In the below sneak peek of next week's all-new episode, we'll meet Briana, a pregnant teenager whose sister, Brittany, is visibly very frustrated with having to compete for their mother's attention. When Briana begins to make specific dinner requests, Brittany can't take any more of the special treatment and storms out of the house. Let's hope the siblings can work through the tension before Briana delivers.

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