Take A Listen To 'Night Of My Life,' Pauly D's First iTunes Single!

Ever since Pauly D got signed by 50 Cent, we've been eagerly awaiting the day we could finally hear what keeps the better part of The Ocean State fist-pumping into the night, "Project" style. Sure, we'd have loved to make our way to Club ULTRA to hear one of the blowout king's live sets for ourselves, but sometimes, a bus ride to Rhode Island just isn't in the cards. And now there's no need--"Night of My Life" has officially been released on iTunes, and Friday morning might as well be Saturday night.

The song, also the theme to "Pauly D Project," was released shortly after the show's premiere, and we've gotta say, we're kind of into it. Andrew W.K. set the standard for office partying over at MTV Clutch, and "Night Of My Life" is definitely extending the bout of break room mayhem. There goes any semblance of productivity...

+ What do you think of Pauly's new single? Tell us in the comments below, and see how it fits into your weekend rotation!

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Photo courtesy of iTunes