Rob And Big Duel With Dongs On 'Fantasy Factory' [Bonus Scene]

So, Big Black got the male-enhancement endorsement deal, but if he hadn't, at least he could have said he battled to the death with Rob while wielding a giant inflatable d*** as weaponry. Fantasy Factory: Place of dream-making and phallic battle.

Rob and Big test out two blow-up plastic devices in this Episode 4 bonus scene, and just as soon as the things grow to their full potential (and after Big laments how his is uncircumcised), the buddies each take hold of one and begin to duel for dong domination. "It's about growth, right?" Rob asks of the props, which are eventually used as part of Big's sales pitch. Let's hope so, because there is nothing subtle or underwhelming about what's going on here.

+ Check out the video below for a spectacularly gruesome war zone, and extend Big Cat your sympathies for having to clean the whole mess up.

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