CT vs. Diem: Who Performed Better On The Final Challenge?

Now, before you jump out of your seat and scream "Diemmmmm" at your monitor (because we all saw CT crap out in the snow, so it would appear that the answer is obvious), we'd be doing a disservice to the fair and impartial community of "Challenge" fans if we didn't defend CT's valiant efforts during tonight's "Exes" finale.

Think the guy really woke up that morning with an appetite for soured shark and sheep's head? He had no choice but to man up and shovel the Feast For A Viking items right into his mouth. Diem's a vegetarian, so there's no way she was going to disregard her dietary restrictions! In regards to his endurance, he continually checked in with his partner and let her know that he needed to slow down in order to finish, but when Diem told him they were just a few yards from the end, he turned on monster mode. If it weren't for Diem's miscalculation, it's possible that he wouldn't have collapsed.

CT and Diem won second place, and she definitely led their foot race, but does that mean she did ALL the heavy lifting? Take the poll and let us know who you think was the driving force during the final mission, then be sure to check out a clip from our final episode of "Ex-ual Tension," where CT says he wasn't mad at Diem for not participating in the Feast For A Viking Challenge. He knew she was a vegetarian and that it was up to him to get it all down. "I didn't care at that point," he comments. "I was ripping it, throwing it in, having it with some V8" (V8 being code for shark's blood, obvs). How badass of him! But then again...in the second clip, he confesses that he should probably quit smoking before climbing another mountain. We have a feeling that Diem concurs.

CT vs. Diem: Who performed better during the final challenge?

  • CT
  • Diem

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