Ashley Rickards Of 'Awkward.' Tweets Sexy PDA Pics

Ashley Rickards and boyfriend Tom Cole get cozy in a photo the actress posted to Twitter.

Her "Awkward" character, Jenna Hamilton, might be struggling to choose between two high-school suitors, but actress Ashley Rickards has no such love triangle in her own personal life. The up-and-coming poet has made it abundantly clear that she's committed to one guy only, and she's got the pictures to prove it.

"Epic love" is all Ash tweeted earlier this week as a caption to a photo of her locking lips with musician Tom Cole, but she later thanked him for picking up groceries and assured all followers that he's "hott!" She also tweeted that her boyfriend isn't a huge fan of watching her make out with Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern--the actors who play Matty and Jake--but that he sucks it up in the name of everyone's favorite teen dramedy. Sounds like a keeper!

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Still glued together.

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Photos courtesy of @AshleyRickards2.