Biggie And Jerry Of 'Pauly D Project' Break Down Their Bud's Blowout [Video]

Well, you know how Pauly D gets his blowout to stand cement-still each day, but do you know where the fine art of his trademark hairstyle originated? Longtime friends and "Pauly D Project" castmates Biggie and Jerry have got answers, and according to them, the guido's locks have seen more transformations than you might expect.

PD's road manager and security guard, respectively, describe the guy's progression from buzz cut to big-ass hair in the interview clips below. From Pauly D's days as a mechanic with a "gentleman's blowout" to the spiky king's crown he now sports, his guido evolution has been pretty pronounced. And they should know--they've been around him for two decades, collectively, and say he's the exact same person on "Jersey Shore" as he was when they first met him. But if Pauly does ever get too big for his britches, the guys add that they know how to bring him right back down to size. (A prank, perhaps?)

+ Below, check out the buddies defining the word "entourage," then be sure to tune in for the premiere of "Pauly D Project" this Thursday at 10:30/9:30c!

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