After Getting 'Punk'd,' Tyler, The Creator Flees The Scene [Sneak Peek]

While it looks as if Khloe Kardashian and Ronnie of "Jersey Shore" will try to help those in fake-peril when "Punk'd" returns this Thursday, Tyler, The Creator has a different strategy: Run like hell.

A food stand goes up in flames in this sneak peek of the coming season, and the rapper looks on in horror as someone nearby is suddenly engulfed in fire. After a lasting blank stare and a "BOOM!" Tyler decides he's not going to stick around to see how the mayhem plays out, develops a pair of championship pole-jumping legs and springs into the air and into a truck's bed. Bam Margera certainly brings out the best in people, doesn't he?

+ Check out the clip below to see some Olympic athlete potential and make sure to tune in to the premiere of the ninth season of "Punk'd" this Thursday at 10/9c!

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