'Jersey Shore' Poll: What Was Season 5's Biggest Surprise?

The last Sunday dinner has been scarfed, the Smush Room has seen its final "snuggle" session and the furniture has been moved inside, outside and even onto the roof. Season 5 of the "Jersey Shore" has officially come to an end, but we can't stop thinking about all the nutty stuff that happened. Below, the five most shocking moments from the crew's recent stint in Seaside. Check 'em out:

Vinny's Time-out: The other half of Pauly D left the love nest to tend to his anxiety, and everyone was shocked when they learned of his departure. Vinny's much-needed time-out from "Shore" life proved to be a success, as he handled his angst in a healthy way and returned to Seaside recharged and ready to smush.

Sitch's Snitching: After building up his big reveal for what felt like forever, Mike finally told Jionni that he and Snooki allegedly hooked up while she was dating her guido lover. Though we still have a hard time deciding what was more surprising--Situation's story or Jionni's calm reaction--we never thought Mike really had the sazeech to do it.

Ronnie And Sammi's Drama-Free Relationship: We didn't hear one angry peep from Ron and Sam this time around, unless they were in the middle of a heated water balloon fight. The usually disastrous dating duo had a sweet and peaceful run--even the roomies took notice and offered up a toast to their positive energy. (Seriously, though, how did they manage to remain so chill?)

Roger And JWOWW's Rough Patch: While Ron and Sammi were shacking up in the peaceful paradise of the Smush Room,  JWOWW and Roger were hitting some choppy waves. For a girl that claimed she bit dudes' heads off after sex, Jenni got pretty flustered about feeling neglected by her man. We never thought we'd see the day when Miss. Praying Mantis went soft.

Vinny's Lesbian Threesome: Vin was extra excited when he convinced two ex-lovahs to come back to the house with him. Temporarily turning lesbians was at the top of his bucket f***-it list, and hitting a home run with a pair of chicks was definitely his most rewarding accomplishment of the summer. Who knew he had it in him?

+ Which surprise stuck with you the most this season? Take the poll and let us know!

What was the biggest surprise this season?

  • Vinny leaving.
  • Situation spilling the beans to Jionni.
  • Ron and Sammi getting along.
  • Jenni's softer side.
  • Vinny's threesome.

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