Facebook Fans Select Pauly D's Best 'Jersey Shore' Moments [Video]

Last week, we tasked Facebook fans with handpicking the most impressionable Pauly D moments of all time. An assignment, of course, that required mental dexterity and a knack for narrowing down an array of marvelous one-liners (announcing a cab's arrival will just never be the same), but we wouldn't have solicited opinions if we weren't confident that viewers would select the best. Here, our five favorite submissions:

1. "When he tanned twice, shocked the system and sat there with freeze pops on his face. Lmao. But seriously, anything that comes outta Pauly D's mouth is just hysterical! Him and Vinny together make that show." -- Michele Piazzo

2. "Its wake up the house TIME. Ohhhh yeah wake up yeah!...... Oh yeah wake up yeah!" -- Riley Olson

3. "PRANK WAR CHAMPIONS!!!Him and Vinny turning the inside outside and the outside inside." -- Anthony Duckworth

4. "Cooking the lobsters. Charlie's dead." -- Michelle Warth

5. "YEAH BUDDY, Fist pump, push up, chapstick." -- Sophie Kromann Dyre

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