Kailyn Of 'Teen Mom 2' Completes Phase 1 Of 'Mission: Tattoo Entire Back'

In 2012, you hardly need to be Holden Caulfield to get a tattoo, but Kailyn of "Teen Mom 2" has taken the art of inking to a whole new level with her latest bout of body art. If you were wondering if Isaac's mom could manage a mythical-looking bird and a DNA segment in one fell swoop--why yes, it appears she can.

Conceptually, Kailyn left nothing to the imagination when she shared the initial stages of her back-covering tat with Twitter followers this morning, and by the looks of things, the girl has got a lot she wants to express. Beneath a Hawaiian-looking flower is a row of what might be stalagmites sprouting upward toward the potential Mercator projection of Greenland. We're sure we'll have a better idea of what's to come when she heads back to the parlor to get those outlines filled in, but we can definitely say this: We are not bored. Some people practice restraint, others put it all out there, and no one can accuse Kail of holding back!

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Photo courtesy of @KailLowry