Pauly D Got His Start DJ-ing At A Sweet 16 [Video]

Praise be Pauly D! The premiere of his long-awaited "Jersey Shore" spin-off, the "Pauly D Project," is happening this Thursday (@10:30/9:30c), and we couldn't be more excited to show you the final product. After all, just cuz you've watched the mama's boy dodge highly experienced stalkers and get nekkid in The Smush Room (many, many times), that doesn't mean you know everything about him. Dude is SO much more than T-shirt Time and cabs being heeeyahh!

Below, check out our exclusive interview clips with MTV's newest solo star. In them, the DJ--who hails from the smallest state in the country and got his first shot performing at a Sweet 16 party--gushes about how humbling it is to see his name sparkling on famous nightclub marquees. He breaks down the evolution of his spinning career, as well as other equally important things, such as why being a good wingman is an important quality. Special shout-out goes to his buddy Ryan for doing the job so well. "If I'm with a chick that has a friend, he'll entertain that friend," he explains. (And here we ladies thought good friends only needed to hold your hair back when you're puking.)

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Photo: Ian Spanier