Rob, Drama And Chanel Put On Some Serious Weight [Sneak Peek]

During last week's Season 5 premiere of "Fantasy Factory," Rob Dyrdek prepped for his dangerous Chevy kick-flip the only way he knew how--by going balls to the wall. In the episode, the fearless athlete practiced by exploding through a sheet of glass and even jumping off the roof with just a pile of stiff cardboard boxes to cushion his fall. It's safe to say that dude's all about going big or going home.

In the below sneak peek of tonight's all-new back-to-back episodes, Rob decides to create a music video with his esteemed musician friends (no, not the Bleeding Frogs). With just a touch of makeup and an extra 900 pounds, the frontman, Drama and Chanel transform into their chunky alter egos, Blobbly Light, Man Dump, and of course, pink-clad Lil' Pig. Let's hope they have the vocals to back up their image.

Be sure to check out the second sneak peek, cuz Big Black wants to stand out, too. Black dreams of becoming the face of a male-enhancement product and he needs Rob's help to get the job done.

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