'Punk'd' Sneak: Ronnie From 'Jersey Shore' Has Some Bad Luck At The Liquor Store

Based on the "Jersey Shore" pregame parties we've seen across five seasons, we're guessing none of the cast has ever had much trouble navigating a liquor store. But sadly, Ronnie is about to become the exception to the rule when old school jackass Bam Margera sets out to give our big guy the "Punk'd" treatment.

Ronnie's on his way to a fashion event with his stylist Jenni in this sneak peek of the series reboot (which premieres THIS THURSDAY at 10/9c), and Jen needs to make a pit stop at a liquor store. While Ron patiently waits in the parking lot, Jenni becomes a mock-hostage to mock-robbers and the place is shut down. Police sirens sound and cop cars arrive at the scene shortly thereafter, and when Ron finally realizes what's going on, he gets a call from Jenni, who pleads for his help. Her assailant quickly takes hold of the phone, though, and once Jen reveals Ron's identity, he's forced into the meet and greet from hell.

+ Check out the clip and make sure to tune in for the premiere of an all-new season of "Punk'd"!

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