That's What You Said...About The Next Season Of 'Jersey Shore'

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Earlier this week, we announced the exciting news that production on Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" is slated to begin this summer, and immediately, everyone's brains became clouded with images of a very pregnant Snooki roaming the Seaside boardwalk in search of late-night pickles and ice cream dreams. Following the confirmation, fans jumped online to share their support (or disbelief)--here's a sample of what people had to say on Remote Control and Facebook.

Remote Control:

"Yo, shout-out to the producers of this show. I know they be workin' mad hard. I just want to share with ya'll that this is the best thing to ever happen to MTV. If this show doesn't continue on throughout a season 10, I will be forever upset." -- Piccin

"Seriously, I think there should be a JERSEY SHORE 2 yeah, all-NEW CAST. No more same thing. I believe that it shouldn't just be Italians (Guidos|Guidettes). I wanna see Dominican, Puerto Rican, White, Black, Mexican, Italians, etc." -- Jenchixo

"I loveee Jersey Shore, and I'm so happy it's returning, but I'm sorry, having a pregnant Snooki on the show I don't think is appropriate at all. There's no reason why she can't just be in a couple of episodes, she may be a good mom, but that doesn't show very good judgement on her end as a mother." -- Amanda


"I read Snooki's interview in a magazine, and she said pregnant women in a club are disgusting so I don't think she will be back." -- Sheba

"Who says because she goes back to the Shore house she will go back to the clubs and bars?? She can't work at the T-shirt shop, live with her friends and hang out on the beach? I don't see the big issue here." -- Amber

"Woo hoo that's great news. I would have been upset if Snooki wasn't in Season 6. Just cuz she is pregnant doesn't friggin' mean anything. She is not friggin' disabled." -- Sarah

+ What do you think about the return of "Jersey Shore," and the fact that it will include a very preggers Snooki? Let's keep the convo going!

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