Taylor Swift's Surprised Face Freezes In Time [Sneak Peek]

While pop-country superstar Taylor Swift's famous "surprised face" usually follows the announcement of record-breaking sales or yet another industry award, the "Mean" singer's jaw is soon to hit the floor for an entirely different reason--SHE'S 'BOUT TO GET PUNNNNNK'D.

The bubbly chart-topper visits Justin Bieber at his beach bungalow in this sneak peek of an upcoming episode, and the teen heartthrob insists he and Swifty set off some of his new imported fireworks before they get down to a songwriting session. A few pops are innocently overhead, but when Beebs invites his visitor to set off one of her own, things start to go downhill. After Taylor's rocket travels much further toward sea than the rest, she notices a boat in the distance catch fire, and the dots start to connect. Just when possible arson charges aren't enough of a stressor, a rescue boat carrying escapees speeds toward the shore and a wet, muddy bride tumbles off onto the sand. "This is completely not OK!" T-Swift says. Certainly isn't, girl. Certainly isn't.

+ Check out the clip below for a freaked-out Taylor Swift and make sure to catch "Punk'd" when it premieres Thursday, March 29, at 10/9c.

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Taylor Swift thumbnail: Splash News