Snooki And JWOWW Practice Their Mothering Skills Using Fake Babies [Photos]

Snooki and JWOWW are cavalier while carting baby dolls around Jersey City.

Wow--not even Jersey City psychic Dina D. could have seen this one coming. She and her crystal ball have officially thrown up their hands.

With a baby on the way, mom-to-be Snooki seemed to have wanted some practice strolling a wee one around while filming her upcoming "Jersey Shore" spin-off. So, naturally, she bought a fake baby and carted it up and down her neighborhood's streets with BFF JWOWW! The two maintained a pretty standard reading on the normal meter by proceeding to buy clothes for the two synthetic Dicks or Janes at local retailers and coddle them while paps documented the bonding moment.

+ Check out the pair of pseudo-MILFs strutting their stuff around town, and tell us what you think of the stunt. On the upside, they're probably saving a ton of dough on Huggies...

Snooki's stroller hits a snag as she tries to get her "kid" off of the sidewalk.

Jackie O. or Nicole P.?

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Photos: Splash News

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