'Exes' Finale Sneak Peek: The Teams Race To A Feast Fit For A...Viking

When we last saw the exes in action, CT and Diem had started their final leg of "The Challenge" at the front of the pack, but when they finally reach the third of seven "Viking Quest" checkpoints, a severed animal head waiting to be devoured might completely compromise their lead on Ty and Emily and Johnny and Camila.

In this sneak peek of the finale, the former couple, who are famous for fighting, trek through deep snow like it's just a dusting, and Johnny and Camila, who are lagging, are anxious about the lead their opponents have taken. Once CT and Diem reach "Feast For A Viking," though, their confidence falters, and Diem, a vegetarian since her preteen days, looks like she's seen a ghost as she stares down at an entire head, a cup full of blood and pieces of shark on the plate in front of her. Maybe not quite the primavera medley she was hoping for, but when in Reykjavik...

+ What do you think--will Diem be able to suck it up and keep her lead in tact, or will she and CT slip to second or third place? Make sure to see how it all goes down when "Exes" concludes Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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