See What Spooked Pauly During The 'Jersey Shore' Reunion [Video]

Well, things certainly got heated during tonight's "Jersey Shore" reunion! Host Amy Paffrath did her best to calm the waters between maybe-hookup partners Mike and Snooki, but their seemingly unending dispute rattled the roomies so much that some were forced to intervene (Jenni even chased Sitch outside). Fortch, Paffrath split the dueling ex-buds apart just long enough to bring out a happier Shore couple, Pauly D and Vinny.

The self-proclaimed Prank Kings took the hot seat and boasted about their proudest moment this season: Operation Inside Out. Everyone laughed remembering what a bitch it was to restore order in the house, and then Vin added his own personal achievement from the summer: introducing Pauly to his stalker, Vanessa.

Vinny claimed that Pauly was giving him a hard time and he knew the only way to get his bestie back was to hit him where it hurt. In the clip below, Vin chuckles about the night he broke the invisible wall that separated the DJ from meeting his maker creepiest silent fan. "I could've died, nice prank," Pauly says, before Paffrath joins in on the humor and tells him that Vanessa's hiding in the audience. Good thing it's a joke, cuz he's ready to lace up his sneakers and run all the way back to Seaside.

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