'Pants' Poll: Should Jason Have Fought For Ness?

Jason's been working pretty hard to retain the interest of his new woman, but during tonight's episode of  "I Just Want My Pants Back," the lovestruck Brooklynite was all out of moves. After meeting Ness' ex-girlfriend (and learning that Ness is a "binosaur"), he felt slightly left out every time the former couple bonded over their passion for citrus fruits. Despite his uncertainty, Jason manned up and insisted that the three hang out; he really wanted Ness' friends to like him and he convinced himself that Alex was just a platonic friend. That is, until the truth finally surfaced and he realized they still had feelings for each other.

+ Jason was understandably disappointed to find out that Ness had an attachment to Alex, but should he have tried harder to get Alex out of the picture? Take the poll and sound off in the comments!

Should Jason have fought harder to keep dating Ness?

  • No way, always take the high road.
  • Yes, he just gave up and walked away.

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