'Pants' Amateur Olympics: Your Girlfriend's Ex-Girlfriend Is Not To Be Trusted

The twentysomething Brooklynites of "I Just Want My Pants Back" might be masters of witty banter, but their actions speak louder than words--and their actions are often questionable. We're taking a look at the most amateurish (yet awesome) behavior exhibited each week, and keeping a running tally of who's least likely to ever ditch the training wheels and leave the borough's squalor behind them.

JASON: When he noticed his new lady friend getting a bit too chummy with her couch-surfing ex-girlfriend, Jason was rightfully perturbed. Ness told him there was nothing to worry about, and--in a gut-defying act--Jason shelved his reservations and decided to give the girl with the gender-ambiguous name a chance. Wrong move, buddy--the second Jason let down his guard, Alex proved what a player she was by threatening to swoop back in on her ex, and when Jason confronted Ness about Alex's words, she sided with blondie. Women...


THAT IDIOT PHOTOGRAPHER GUY: OK, so his name is Paul, but we just thought we owed him the same level of condescension he dealt Tina. The conceited fashion photographer had the nerve to overtake Tina's vision for a shoot she'd pitched at work. He booked a location she advised against and a model she detested, and his creative plan was the polar opposite of her own, all because he was older, and, therefore, the self-appointed superior. Naturally, Paul's cockiness earned him a sordid mess of homeless man pee puddles and a prodigal model, but Tina swooped in and saved the day with her original idea, the product of which eventually wowed her boss.


STACEY AND ERIC: As usual, the aspiring doctor and aspiring lawyer locked themselves in their apartment, turned off all devices and planned a night of uninterrupted study. Also as usual, the two got hungry, needed a distraction and turned to the likes of Bobby's bodega for some salvation in the form of takeout. Seriously, guys?! We've already been over this--there are other places to go, particularly for prepared food. Once Bobby showed up to their apartment, the door was opened both literally and figuratively and the two were forced into stories regaling many of the store owner's love troubles. There goes that "A" in constitutional law...


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