Katie And Mackenzie Put Their Plans On Hold Because...They're Pregnant [Sneak Peeks]

With every season of "16 and Pregnant," we see a handful of girls endure the ramifications of unplanned pregnancy, which for many, include pressing the pause button on their futures. It's always eye-opening to hear the struggles from the perspective of young girls who've had to delay goals like enrolling in college in order to raise a baby. With Season 4 less than a week away (premieres March 27 at 10/9c), let's take a glimpse at two new teens that are forced to give up living without responsibility way too early.

In the below sneak peeks of Tuesday's back-to-back episodes, we'll meet Katie, a hardworking and focused student with her eyes set on grad school. She wanted to move to Denver after graduating, but will have to readjust the schedule because she and her boyfriend, Joey, are expecting. Be sure to watch the second clip, too, because Katie's not the only one that will have to change her plans. Mackenzie's promising future as a cheerleader will also have to be placed on the back burner because she and her rodeo star boyfriend, Josh, have a baby on the way.

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