'Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style,' Starring Deena And Snooki's Child [Video]

Team Meatball is known best only for the wackadoodle s*** that follows their every stumble through the Jersey Shore, but it's not as if Snooki and Deena are only capable of belly-flopping on beanbags and drinking Seaside Heights guidos under the table. Snooks has a kid on the way, and she's completely dedicated to being a great mom, while her pint-size partner-in-crime is literally falling over herself to play auntie. And by literally, we actually mean literally. (We also pride ourselves on knowing the proper use of the word "ironic"--take that, Alanis Morissette!)

In the fifth installment of our animated video series, "Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style," Deena's given her first shot at watching over her friend's infant child. Check out what happens when a curious seagull attacks her extensions during a pleasant stroll along the beach.

More "Jersey Shore" Babysitters in action:






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