‘Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style,’ Starring Deena And Snooki’s Child [Video]

Team Meatball is known best only for the wackadoodle s*** that follows their every stumble through the Jersey Shore, but it’s not as if Snooki and Deena are only capable of belly-flopping on beanbags and drinking Seaside Heights guidos under the table. Snooks has a kid on the way, and she’s completely dedicated to being a great mom, while her pint-size partner-in-crime is literally falling over herself to play auntie. And by literally, we actually mean literally. (We also pride ourselves on knowing the proper use of the word “ironic”–take that, Alanis Morissette!)

In the fifth installment of our animated video series, “Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style,” Deena’s given her first shot at watching over her friend’s infant child. Check out what happens when a curious seagull attacks her extensions during a pleasant stroll along the beach.

More “Jersey Shore” Babysitters in action:






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