CT Was Very Interested In Hearing Diem's Compliment [Video]

Sorry, what show did we just watch? Oprah? What’s with all the feel-goodery going on during "Exes?"

On tonight's episode, the remaining six players landed in Iceland, and, sure, they had a night to themselves and wanted to let loose and soak in the local culture. We get it. But a night of fun quickly turned into an emotional and strange Kumbaya-like session, where each challenger went around the room and fired off some sweet compliments to each other. Emily even cried when Ty told her how much he cherished their friendship. (Seriously guys, WTF?!).

In a clip from tonight's "Ex-ual Tension," CT says he was reading a book in bed when the appreciation circle started, and as soon as he realized it was Diem's turn, he bolted into the living room to hear what she had to offer. Johnny laughs while recalling Diem's exact words: "You let me talk."

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