'Exes' Poll: Did Robin Really Give The Dome Her All?

CT's and Diem's spirits may have been at an all-time high at the start of tonight's "Exes," but there was one competitor who appeared to have already thrown in the towel: Robin. She and her partner Mark were headed to The Dome, and it was obvious that the girl had completely lost her competitive edge. Tears filled her eyes at the lunch table when she shared her fears with some of her teammates, and instead of being met with mind manipulation (which is what we typically see), CT, Ty and Emily acted as beacons of inspiration and encouraged her to compete. In the end, Robin lost to Camila, but, alas, it is better to have tried and failed...

Did Robin really give it her all tonight, or was she already mentally checked out of the game? Take the poll, then watch a clip from tonight's "Ex-ual Tension,"  where CT talks about motivating his friend. He says he tried to give her a pep talk similar to the one he gave Ty when he threatened to leave the house early, but his "You Can Do It!" speech wasn't nearly as effective on her. Johnny claims Robin never stood a chance cuz the girl is cray-cray. Leave it to JB to always tell it like it is.

[poll name="Exes3_21_14" question_count="2"]

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