'Battle Of The Exes' Episode 9 Recap: No Sleep Till Reykjavik

Here's what we learned from tonight's episode of "Exes: Making up is hard to do, but it sure beats having to scale a glacier alone.

After an intense Dome nomination meeting, Ty, Emily, CT and Diem truly exhaled for the first time in the game, as all were guaranteed bids to the final mission. Mark, Robin, Johnny and Camila, however, still had an elimination round to face to determine who would take the last spot.

Once the group made its way to the Dome, and after Mark unleashed his red bandanna--which the 40-year-old first sported on the first season of "Road Rules"--TJ told the foursome they'd duke it out in "X-Battle" to decide who would get to stay. Though she was smaller, Camila gave Robin one hell of a fight and decisively earned her team a victory for the women's side. On the men's front, Mark towered over Johnny, but Bananas bent the guy's arms any which way he could until he snapped the sticks out of Mark's hand for a point. Mark bit back and tied it all up at one, but in the final round, after an agonizing deadlock, Johnny pulled out the win and issued Mark and Robin their pink slips. Mark told TJ the game's end meant his official retirement (you sure about that, guy?), but for Camila, who'd never survived a "Challenge" through the last round, things were just getting started.

Back at the house, the exes barely had time to lay down a postgame report when TJ sent a text informing them they'd soon ditch the Dominican's heat for ICELAND! The drive away from the house was oddly sentimental for CT, as it was host to many fights and resolutions between him and Diem, but when he caught a glimpse of Reykjavik's tundra, any discord was barely a bump in the road by comparison. The dynamic between the six was oddly calm as they settled into their hotel room, and tough gal Emily was even moved to tears by how far she and Ty had come. But the smiles were gone in a matter of hours, when the game's true test came in the form of a 19-degree Fahrenheit reading at the mission's starting line.

In "Viking Quest," teams had to move through a multiple mile-long obstacle course and collect seven artifacts along the way after completing seven different checkpoints' challenges. The first order of business was manning a dogsled across a sheet of ice, and as Emily predicted, her and Ty's lazy dogs would have been better suited for cuddling up by the fire. She and Ty came in last, and CT and Diem nabbed first place.

The pattern continued through the second task, in which the half-naked groups had to touch a buoy in the middle of an ice-cold river. The Power Couple continued its early lead, earning them some ideal accommodations for the night, but Ty and Emily were relegated to a collection of Saran Wrap and some twigs as shelter. Tune in next Wednesday night for the season finale to see if they can turn their luck around.

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