Sex Advice Columnist Dan Savage Talks About His New MTV Series [Video]

Maybe you've had the courage to send in an intimate question to the editors at Cosmo, or perhaps you've been too gun-shy to transcribe your "taboo" thoughts onto paper, but chances are, you have a sex question you'd like answered.

MTV's new series, "Savage U," is all about exploring those queries. The network teamed up with popular sex advice columnist Dan Savage, joining him on a cross-country educational tour. Cameras trailed the likable guy as he visited college campuses and answered just about anything the student body tossed at him. Seriously--no topic was off-limits.

In our exclusive interview with Dan below, he explains why his words and candidness have resonated with so many people. "As a gay person, I've been writing this column where I talk to straight people about straight sex, and that seems a little counterintuitive," he says about his wide-ranging audience. "They have correctly figured out that gay people know a lot more about sex."

Be sure to tune in April 3 at 11/10c to hear more from Dan and the curious minds that feed him questions.

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