The Most Memorable 'Jersey Shore' Hookups Of Season 5

The "Jersey Shore" cast may be bad at a number of things, such as waking up before noon and selling T-shirts at the Shore Store, but that's just because their talents are needed elsewhere. Elsewhere, being the Smush Room, of course. Whether the bed was coated in last night's body bronzer, or the mattress itself was missing in action, the Smush Room was where they rolled their up sleeves and prevailed, despite all odds. Let's review some of the most memorable hookups from Season 5, shall we?

Smush, Steal & Run

Episode 2

Pauly D thought he struck gold when he met a cutie named Shantel, but little did he know that her sex fetish involved shoving his man-jewelry down her underwear and heading for the hills. Fortch, remorse (or sheer embarrassment) set in the following morning and she returned his bling.

Sock Hop

Episode 4

Mike's surprise birthday extravaganza delivered all he could have dreamed when he impressed the pants off of a hired stripper. But when Sitch brought the limber blonde back to the crib, his smush session experienced a delay due to low inventory of matching socks.

Peeping Guidettes

Episode 7

Deena scored when she brought Joey home one night, but she made a big mistake when she left him on the couch to fend for himself. Nicole and Jenni took it upon themselves to quiz the poor guy before deciding to sneak into the bedroom and watch the X-rated show.

Celebratory Smush

Episode 9

Jenni honored her and Roger's anniversary by purchasing all the kinky toys the local Seaside sex shop had to offer. With just a touch of velvet and edible ointment, she transformed the smush dungeon into a romantic boudoir, complete with electrolyte-charged drinks in case Roger wanted to go another round.

2-For-1 Special

Episode 11

For many, earning an accolade that recognizes their life's work is the ultimate fantasy, but for Vinny, banging two lesbians in sports bras was a better score by far.

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