'16 And Pregnant' Update: Izabella And Jairo Are Making Their Way As Parents

During tonight's "16 and Pregnant: Where Are They Now?" special, MTV caught up with the girls from Season 3. Even though the series' cameras stopped rolling long ago, they welcomed us back into their lives for an update. For many of the moms, the road of parenting has been difficult. Kianna, who initially favored adoption but was persuaded by her boyfriend Zak to keep the baby, is now raising her daughter alone because Zak was sentenced to 15 years in jail for burglary. We also learned that Jordan moved to California with her now-husband and their son, but got pregnant again because she wasn't on birth control. While most of the young mothers continue to struggle with a mixture of bad decision-making and bad luck, there was one that stood out and made us proud.

When we met mom-to-be Izabella on "16 and Pregnant," she was shy and secretive--completely uncomfortable with telling her friends about her pregnancy. Now a junior in high school, she, Jairo and their son, Enrique, have proven to her parents that they're headed in the right direction. Jairo got his GED, traded in his bachelor ride for a family SUV and is focused on providing his family with all of the support they need. Izabella is determined to graduate and has plans to attend med school. Even though their future as a couple is uncertain, they are both working together to be good parents to Enrique.

+ Were you equally impressed with Izabella's focus, or was there another mom that stood out to you? Sound off in the comments!

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