Watch A Sneak Peek Of '16 And Pregnant: Where Are They Now?'

When we first met Danielle during last season of "16 and Pregnant," she--like many teen moms--was hanging on to the hope of providing her newborn with a fairy-tale family. The father of her child, Jamie, worked all day at a construction job, leaving her cooped up inside his house feeling completely isolated. Even though Danielle wanted everyone to sleep under the same roof, loneliness drove her to move back in with her mom. So is Danielle any closer to her ideal living situation now?

In the below sneak peek of tonight's "16 and Pregnant: Where Are They Now?" special, it appears as though the choice to move in with her mother isn't any more perfect. Casey knows firsthand what it's like to juggle parenting and youth, and the two don't see eye-to-eye on matters of  motherhood. Watch the video and be sure to tune in tonight at 10/9c to get caught up with all of the teens from Season 3.

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