'Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style,' Starring 'The Situation' And Snooki's Child [Video]

For the guy who coined the term GTL and once compared his six-pack "situation" to that of Rambo's, pumping iron is an obvious daily requirement. As far as Mike can remember back, he's been whaling on his pecs in an effort to look FTD and consistently get smushed. And so far, it's worked. Which is probably why he's taken to training Snooki's child in the art of dumbbell curling in our latest installment of "Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style."

Take a look at the original animated video below, where we find our cocky bodybuilder sharing his master fitness plan with a child who's just learned to stand on its own. They say people learn the fastest in the first year of life, so all you parents-to-be might want to take a cue from Sitch and get your kid started on its abs right outta the gate.

More "Jersey Shore" Babysitters in action:





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