'Jersey Shore' Reunion Sneak Peek: Sitch Walks Off Set!

In the past, when his back's been against the wall on "Jersey Shore," Mike has turned to the quick "dip" to avoid defending his villainous behavior, but there's never been a time that he hasn't returned home. When Snooki and JWOWW go on the offensive in the upcoming Season 5 Reunion, though, it looks like he might finally be done with his housemates for good (well, at least until Season 6 starts shooting).

The spin-off sisters want Sitch to fess up to intentionally starting trouble in this sneak peek of Thursday night's reunion special. The guy takes as much flak as he can before finally standing up, scowling and walking off set as Snooks continues to lambaste him for his behavior. "Did he not say 'I don't care about being the villain! I will take on anyone in this house!'?" Nicole reminds the group as Mike heads for the door, and Jenni chases after him. "You're not gonna end it like that," JWOWW demands, but it seems as if he's past the point of no return.

+ Check out the clip, make sure to tune in Thursday at 10/9c to catch the drama, and tell us if you think Mike and his housemates can get along enough to survive another season together.

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