Jason Learns That Ness Is A 'Binosaur' On 'Pants' [Sneak Peek]

Jason nearly ruined his new girlfriend's birthday during last week's episode of  "I Just Want My Pants Back" when he insulted their relationship by gifting her with air freshener. The kid was determined to fix his mistake and eventually redeemed himself by showing up at Ness' door with something actually meaningful to her: uh, a mini-turtle sculpture. For Jason, that moment signified something serious, and even though he only met Ness weeks ago, now he's showing signs of jealousy.

In the below sneak peek of Thursday night's all-new episode, Ness tells Jason that her ex is moving to New York. Worried about whether or not his woman still has feelings for her mysterious former lover, Jason takes Tina's advice and pulls an "I was in the neighborhood" to see what's going on in her apartment. Sure enough, Jason is confronted with Ness' past, which happens to have boobs.

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