'Fantasy Factory' Poll: Would You Rather Face A Bull Or Big's Feet?

When your boss instructs you to take on the blunt trauma of a charging bull, it probably couldn't get much worse (also, you should file a hasty claim with human resources). On the other hand, if you're around when Big Black allows his naked foot to see the light of day, being gored by a "Fantasy Factory" beast might suddenly look like a walk in the park. What's good, gag reflex?

Tonight, during the second part of the big "Fantasy Factory" Season 5 premiere, Rob thought a wild stunt might serve as the perfect advertisement for his new dream burrito line. Naturally, he was sure pizza and cheeseburgers wrapped in flour tortillas would pair perfectly with the sight of a human being getting tossed around by a bloodthirsty animal. Poor Drama was the unfortunate guinea pig, but he might have faced the lesser of two evils, as a SoCal pedicurist was busy, all the while, plucking away at Big's giant feet, which are inches away from qualifying for FEMA assistance. And when the skin-scraping maven got a chunk of the guy's airborne nail in her face, we wondered if a horn to the thigh was really so bad.

+ Bull-fighting and yellow toe nail-clipping: Both unpleasant for different reasons, both equally panic-inducing. So, we ask--if you were forced to make the choice, which route would you take?

Would you rather...

  • Face a charging bull?
  • Give Big a pedicure?

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