'Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style,' Starring Vinny And Snooki's Child [Video]

Since all of the "Jersey Shore" cast members, including mom-to-be Snooki, will be back for a sixth season of the series, it's a good thing we've been giving everyone a crash course in diaper duty. When shooting begins this summer in Seaside, Snooki will be just about to pop, and she's gonna need all the support from her second family that she can get. Luckily, the sassy guidette has Vinny, her old friend with benefits, who can always be counted on in a jam.

In the fourth installment of our animated video series, "Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style," Vin teaches Snooki's infant child the ABCs of FPC. As a teaching incentive, the Staten Island smartypants trades his bottle of brewsky with the kid's bottle of breast milk, and that's when the party really gets started...

More "Jersey Shore" Babysitters in action:




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