'Fantasy Factory' Poll: Did Rob Get Too Carried Away With His Stunt Training?

Not since 1975 has someone tried to flip a car and catch it on a ramp, but that's hardly a jarring enough statistic to discourage daredevil Rob Dyrdek from tackling the challenge. During tonight's season 5 premiere of "Fantasy Factory," the funhouse operator was asked to help Chevy launch their brand-new car, the Sonic, and, as usual, Rob wanted put in an over-the-top effort, proposing to kick-flip a car in front of an audience. 'Course, to pull something as harrowing as that off, the skateboard legend needed to jump into training mode, which involved flying around the factory in a stark white cape and jumping off--and through--various ledges, including a floor-to-ceiling glass window, and later, the roof.

+ To prep for the dangerous, gravity-defying trick, Rob completed some really wild stunts, but did he go too far when he broke through a sheet of glass? Take the poll and weigh in.

[poll name="FF3_19_12" question_count="2"]

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