The 6 Greatest Team Meatball Adventures!

Now that Deena Nicole's "Jersey Shore" tenure runs three seasons deep, we can't imagine a time when the Blast in a Glass wasn't a part of Seaside Heights' most infamous household. More important, we can hardly remember any point at which she and Nicole--TEAM MEATBALL--weren't running amok in New Jersey and beyond, saucing locals with a mix of vodka-soaked animal print and pleas to "GET REAL!"

Since Snooki is on her merry way to motherhood and Season 6 (YUP!) of "Jersey Shore" might not include the same crazy meatball antics, we decided to put together a list of our favorite bits of their debauchery. From boat rides to sloppy kisses, here are our favorite adventures.

1. A Brief Dabble In Lesbianism

When Snooki and Deena got the opportunity to vacation across Riccione's beautiful beaches, they decided any memories would be best kept through the fog of an alcohol haze, and after an entire day of drinking, the two friends spent the whole night making out...and, possibly more...

2. A Road Trip Gone Wrong

After their Riccione mashup, the meatballs decided the best way to get back into the swing of things was taking on their own rounds of GTL. On the way to the gym, though, they fell victim to a hectic traffic pattern and ended up colliding with a police car.

3. A Near Run-in With Jaws

With the scars of the infamous Italian car accident having finally healed, Snooks and Deen opted for a different method of transportation: a boat. Things were rocky for Deena before she even got the inflatable raft into the water, and once the wind picked up (and after Ron let the air out of the thing), the meatballs slowly sunk, as Nicole predicted, like the Titanic. Hey, at least there weren't really sharks around.

4. An Illegal Dip In The Water

When a night of partying didn't do enough to satisfy the two friends' wild sides, Deena and Snooki decided to head for the beach--which was closed to the public for the night--and stir up some trouble. After reinterpreting "Baywatch," they were broken up by police, who told the 4 a.m. swimmers to kick rocks. But no arrests!

5. The Invention Meatball Day

Upon watching the sunrise after spending the night lamenting an Italian bartender's rudeness, the meatballs decided to forgo sleep, put on their finest skintight attire and go to brunch. While the morning started off with talk of powering through the day and drinking until nightfall, the wasted guidettes' heads hit the table within minutes.

6. The Making Of Meatball Day: The Sequel

While certainly not as exotic as its predecessor, Meatball Day 2 was much livelier, included several stops and offended many a casual beachgoer. By the time Snooki and Deena made it home after the day's first heat, they could barely stand, and when D got a hold of Mike's exercise band and decided to use it like a lasso, things really started to go downhill.

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