'Jersey Shore' Cast Makes A Splash As They Leave Seaside [Bonus Scene]

If you were lucky enough to visit a paradise-like water park as a kid, then you remember the sheer joy you experienced while floating down a lazy man-made river or being ejected off of a steep, slippery slide. While the 21-plus crowd isn't necessarily the target demo of themed H20 attractions, it's not enough to deter the "Jersey Shore" cast, who spent their final days in Seaside basking in the sun and hanging out with other soaked adrenaline junkies.

In the bonus clip below from Episode 11, Pauly's particularly concerned with the possibly of contracting a skin rash or other waterborne illnesses, and doesn't seem super stoked to go on any rides. That is, until he and his bff Vinny find a two-person raft to share and throw caution to the wind. The guys dart down a spiral coaster together and giggle like kids, while Jenni makes friends with a posse of excited 8-year-old kids.

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