MTV Twitter Roundup: Little Aubree Gets A Hold Of Her Teen Mom's Phone

Teen mom Chelsea's daughter, Aubree, might be a lot of things (cute, sweet, great at making monster faces...) but a tech wiz she ain't, so when she recently got her itty-bitty hands on her mother's iPhone, a kaleidoscope of misaligned photos followed. Naturally, Chels posted a screenshot of her photog daughter to Twitter, and followers virtually cackled at the collection of off-center forehead shots.

She wasn't the only one eliciting laughter across the Twittersphere, though--go-to "Challenge" comedian Johnny Bananas gave an "Awkward" Sadie Saxton-worthy "you're welcome" for his posing in his underwear with Mark in the last "Exes" episode, and Daniel of "Caged" jokingly cheered on Vinny of "Jersey Shore" for his quest to bed lesbians. Unfortunately, things weren't so funny for housemate Deena, who put "The Situation" on blast for his gossip about her sister, Joanie.

Check out what else MTV's best and brightest had to say this week.

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Photo courtesy of @ChelseaHouska