'Exes' Sneak Peek: Robin Fights The Urge To Throw In The Towel

Though Robin nearly managed to squeak by all eight "Battle of the Exes" elimination rounds and get a free ticket to the finals, she and ex-boyfriend Mark are officially headed to their first and last Dome, and if they want a shot at the championship cash, they'll have to first take out powerhouses Johnny and Camila.

Robin explains her Dome reservations to Ty, Emily and CT in this sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode, and is worried that her ninth "Challenge" will amount to the same thing as usual: nothing. She seems beaten down and ready to just throw in the towel, but Ty urges her to think of her son and remember what she's fighting for. Robin, suddenly refocused, appreciates that someone finally seems to be in her corner, and tries to jump on CT's assertion that she's due for a win. "Whatever I have to do, I'm doin' it," she says.

+ Will Robin best one of the strongest girls in the game, or will she go home with empty pockets...again? Sound off in the comments!

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