'Exes' Poll: Is A Romance Blossoming Between CT And Diem?

Even though host TJ Lavin started off tonight's episode of "Exes" by saying that Power Couple CT and Diem made one of the "dumbest moves [he's] ever seen in a 'Challenge'" by throwing Paula and Dunbar into the Dome, the former lovebirds rose above their questionable decision by dominating the Feel The Burn competition and winning a private jet ride, complete with picturesque views of the Caribbean and a beautiful sunset (quite a nice switch from inhaling engine fumes).

Sure, the flight was just over 10 minutes long, but as soon as they landed, CT and Diem shared a few laughs over aged wine, and there was a visible spark in their eyes. Could things between them be heating up now that they've gotten over their rocky past, or are they simply working well together as a team? Take the poll, then check out a clip from this week's "Ex-ual Tension" after show, where Johnny wants to know exactly what went down up in the clouds. "Are you guys members of the mile high club?" he asks, before CT breaks our hearts and says no. We haven't decided whether or not we believe him...

Is a romance blossoming between CT and Diem?

  • Yes, it's so obvious!
  • No way, they're just getting along better.

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