'Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style,' Starring Pauly D And Snooki's Child [Video]

Pauly D's the guy you call when you're jonesing for a really fun time. He burns the midnight oil seven days a week while still maintaining his sunny disposition and impeccable hygiene, plus, he's the presiding champ of "Jersey Shore" one-liners (Sitch got stripped of his title once 'CABS ARE HEAYAHHH!" hit the airwaves). He's a man of a thousand talents, but we never considered that babysitting would be one of them. Good thing Snooki got pregnant, because now he can show off his unexpected nurturing skills.

In the second video from MTV.com's animated series, "Babysitting: Jersey Shore-Style," we find our spiky-haired hero standing over his housemate's infant child, relaying the rules for looking FTD (Fresh to Death). Baby [Insert name here] may not have enough hair for a blowout, but Uncle Pauly whips out the perfect apparel for his guido-in-training. This kid's gonna make a great wingman.

Check out the original short below, and head back to Remote Control each day for more of the cast's adventures in babysitting.

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